Thursday, 8 March 2012

SPOTTED: David Tennant in Llanrhaeadr Filming "Nativity 2"

So my Thursday in November last year started off like any other Thursday, I got up, threw on some clothes, drove to the office and worked all morning. 

However, I was indeed silently bursting with excitement inside as I knew that when 12 o'clock hit I would be jumping in to my partners Mini Cooper and heading to a small village in Mid-Wales. 

Now I live in a small town on the border of Wales, and we don't really see or hear of anyone famous nearby or anything exciting at all for that matter! (Unless you count Elton John playing at the local league 2 football ground a few months ago!) So when I received a phone call from my partner telling me David Tennant had been spotted filming in a village 45minutes away for his new film, I had no choice but to abandon any arrangements made prior and head to Wales. 

 It was a long and tiring route through the valleys and the torrential rain made the drive only more dangerous but me and the boyfriend just had a feeling it was worth going to have a look. I mean, he may not have even been there, he could have just been filming the one scene. So anyway, we finally found our destination, parked up, and headed to the waterfall. 

 By this time the clouds had parted but I couldn't help but be disappointed when there was no one else in sight. However, I did manage to grab a few snaps of the waterfall as I couldn't help but admire the wonders of nature at this point, as we had driven all the way there, we may as well make the most of it! 
So, me and the other half hopped back into the car and drove off disappointed, but for no longer than 5minutes back down the country lane a number of vans and people-carriers started heading towards us. 
Next, I spotted a marquee to my right and a man dressed in black with an earpiece in. Had we struck lucky at last? Me and the bf didn't hesitate, he parked up on the side of the hedge and we headed towards to field. A car sneaked behind us for the majority of our walk back down. Once it had stopped, I looked round and out jumped Tennant himself, YES, TENNANT. I was ecstatic. I was too slow to snap a shot of him from such close range and before I knew it he was down on the field getting ready to film. We stood and watched the whole 2 hours of filming, it was great fun, and as we were the only two people there apart from a few journalists we didn't get told to move on, but just to keep quiet. Here's a snap my boyfriend took on his Iphone: 
The film was 'Nativity 2' and will be in cinemas December 2012. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet David on this day as he was rushed into his vehicle after journalists started to close in. I had my Doctor Who boxset in hand just in case but his car drove past, him only inches away inside. 
I think this is probably the most famous person I've seen so up close and personal, and what a person to see, doing his everyday job, my love for Doctor Who has grown stronger if possible and I'd love for an opportunity like that Thursday all over again! I just wish I had got to meet him!

 Not only was it good from a Doctor Who fans perspective but also from a Media students perspective... I've never seen a film being shot before, and how much effort and shots the actors have to partake in until everything is perfect. So yes, I will definitely be heading to the cinema Christmas 2012! 

And here's a news extract from the 'County Times' from one of the journalists who were on the scene... and yes the 'autograph hunters holding out their boxsets' were me and the boyfriend!

And here's some images from Wales Online of David filming throughout the week -