Friday, 9 March 2012

Timey Wimey Spacey Wacey - Doctor Who Video Favourites

Hi Everyone,

Bit of a different post now, as I share some of my favourite Youtube videos, montages and clips!
Credit to Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle facebook page of whom I check regularly, and who post the best youtube videos out there, I'm always 'liking', sharing and commenting on their posts! 
For those of you that don't like Doctor Who, here's a few reasons why you should! 

Doctor Who : The Eleventh Doctor Ultimate Trailer
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This video highlights the Eleventh Doctors journey so far, compelling and brilliant. I love the clips the creator of the video has chosen to include to tell the doctors story perfectly. 

Doctor Who: "50th Anniversary" - Ultimate Cinema Trailer
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This montage highlights all of the eleven doctors brilliantly, with the best quotations from all of the series used as a voice-over. Fans can re-live their favourite moments or non-fans can see what they are missing out on.

The Doctor and Rose Goodbye Scene
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My favourite scene from the Tennant years. This clip is from Doomsday and shows the Doctor saying goodbye to Rose. This makes me teary-eyed every time, and I have been to the bay where they filmed this scene, it is beautiful.

Do you have any favourite Doctor Who moments or videos? 

In my opinion, the music by Murray Gold in the series is amazing and has such an impact over scenes in which the tracks are played. I have the Series 5 soundtrack album and will be reviewing and talking about it very soon. 
But for now, hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I'm really enjoying this blogging, but I must make some time this weekend for my University assignments! I've still got a lot more posts in the pipeline so I look forward to you all reading them :-)