Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Amy and Rorys Home - Filming Location - Cardiff Bay

Hope you are all well, just a quick post to let you know I am still here! Its crrrazy times in my household at the moment, deadlines are looming at University and I have, what feels like 100000000 things to do! I'm counting down the days until the 2nd May when my final assignment will be handed in! 
However, I have got lots to post in the near future, its just finding the time to do so, I won't let you down ;)
So I thought I'd use the small amount of time I have tonight to show you the other place I went to on the weekend of the Convention, Amy and Rorys House (Series 6 + Christmas Special). It was just around the corner from Cardiff Bay so it didn't take long to walk! Note the Tardis blue door and exterior... even the car parked outside is blue!
And a still from 'The God Complex' courtesy of the BBC:
 Here is the last few minutes of the series 6 episode 'The God Complex' to refresh your memories, where the Doctor leaves Amy and Rory. *Warning: tearjerker -
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As well as this, I have uploaded one of my many videos to Youtube from the Official Doctor Who Convention last week. It features Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill talking about their life before and after Doctor Who (and Matt & Arthur get a bit animated!!) 

Give it a watch if you're interested, the sounds a bit low so you may need to turn your speakers right up!
We're also expecting a new arrival to the family in a few weeks time... a baby kitten :) Its a little dark grey male but the family are finding it hard to agree on a name. I have suggested a few Doctor Who related names such as 'Rory' and 'Smithy' but its more than likely going to be called Alfie, which is cute also :) - (and is the name character Craigs son in Closing Time, hehe)
...If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!
Blog to you soon, have a lovely weekend!