Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tardis Blue – Doctor Who inspired nails

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend… mine consisted of assignment planning, a Harry Potter film-night with the family, running into town to grab Mother’s Day presents, watching the finale of Stella (which was a-mazing) and lots of Doctor Who viewing! Now to look forward to a loooong week of work and uni… or not!!

Now I’m a keen wearer of nail polish… and if I don’t have any nail polish on these days I feel like I’m missing a piece of clothing, my finger tips just feel so naked! (Sad, I know!) But I always notice Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) wearing the most eye-catching colours in episodes, so I thought I'd give these a try...
I tried two blues out: Cobalt Blue by Barry M, and a dark, rich blue by Ted Baker London Beauty. I always find that my small collection of Ted Baker polishes are the easiest to apply, as well as the quickest to dry, so I highly recommend them :-)
After waiting for the Barry M polish to dry, I realised it wasn’t the Tardis Blue I was looking for, it dries to a colour much lighter than the bottle, and the flash on the camera doesn't help … so I applied one nail on each hand with Ted Baker in dark blue to get the real Tardis effect.
I’ve seen the most amazing Doctor Who art nail designs, which one day I hope to have on my own nails, but for now I think I’ll just stick to plain old Tardis blue…

Don’t you think they’re the coolest?!

Update: 12/03 -I did have a quick go at the bowtie and braces design... I think its all right for my first try, especially since I don't yet own a nail art pen! This picture also shows the Cobalt Blue in a better light :)

So now I’m off to have my last cuppa before bed ready for a day of work tomorrow!

“Cheers!” (Yes, that is Matt Smith lurking behind me) haha!!
Have a lovely night and I shall blog to you soon x