Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Leadworth Hospital Filming Location – The Eleventh Hour

 Hi everyone, following my post reviewing the Doctor Who Experience I thought I’d share a stop-off point I had along the way.

 As my route takes me through Newport on the way to Cardiff, I had a quick check on the Doctor Who Locations website ( before leaving to see if there were any spots to stop off at on my journey.

 Luckily, I found out that the Hospital used in Matt Smith’s first DW episode ‘The Eleventh Hour’ was just a short detour from my intended route, located on the outskirts of Newport. It has also been used for the new series 7, due to air on our screens later this year, marking the end for the Ponds’.

 Once I drove into the grounds it took quite a while to find the hospital itself as it is hidden at the end of the winding road amongst all the other buildings. I even asked my partner when we arrived outside the hospital whether it was the correct building as it seemed to look much smaller in reality than what we see on screen.

 Unfortunately for us there was construction work going on at the front of the building which meant a lot of the view is hindered on the photos below by vans. I was also a bit apprehensive to go too close as it is a hospital so I wanted to respect the staff and their patients.

 Parking was simple though – lots of spaces outside as the place was very quiet. I made the mistake when trying to get back onto the motorway of following the sat-nav, which took me down country roads which were difficult to drive through. Next time I will stick to the way I came to avoid any nasty surprises! 

  More info on this location can be found HERE. My next post will be on Caerphilly Castle, also used in Doctor Who :-)

Thanks for Reading, write to you soon!