Friday, 13 July 2012

Doctor Who Experience Opening Day - Cardiff 2012

So its officially 1 week until Cardiff opens the doors to the Doctor Who Experience once again after being based in London through 2011 to early 2012. I've never been to the Experience so I'm very VERY excited to walk through the doors next Friday (20th July). I did have a taster of some of the props used in the series at the Doctor Who Convention back in March, but it was only a small selection, find out more from my earlier post, here

As I am signed up to BBC Worldwide's mailing list for all things Doctor Who, I received an email this afternoon detailing all the information I need to know for the opening day. And wow, it looks like its going to be amazing. 

Here's a segment from the email, for those who would like to find out what's to come on the opening day:

To mark the opening of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, some of the most well known monsters from the history of the show will be giving guests a welcome to remember on the 20th July. The Silence, Daleks and Cybermen will all be in attendance for what promises to be a memorable spectacle on opening day. But fear not, there are plenty of monsters left inside the Experience for you to enjoy at a safer distance. 
 A welcome from some of the monsters, awesome! Although not too sure how I feel about the Silence... they freak me out, very scary indeed! I'll be sure to review the Experience on here for you all to see, and hopefully take lots of photographs if possible :-)

To find out more about the Doctor Who Experience follow this link:  where you can find all the latest news, purchase your tickets online and take a sneak peek at what's to come. 

 I can't wait to go back to Cardiff again, I'm staying in Cardiff Bay so me and the boyfriend are looking forward to having a few drinks the night before in this rather cool pub with a rather cool door... 
Let me know if you're off to the Experience too and you never know, I may see you there! 

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Who's going to the Doctor Who Experience?

Its been too long. Sorry for not posting, I've had no time and I've been away for a few weeks on holiday. (Rubbish excuse).

Just a little post to update you on my whereabouts. A few weeks ago now, me and the boyfriend randomly decided to catch the train to Cardiff for a day of holiday shopping and Doctor Who spotting. Unfortunately, the Who crew were filming in the studio the day we were down. I was devastated as it was Karen and Arthur's last few days filming! 

So on the 20th July once again I'm heading to Cardiff for the Grand Re-Opening of the Doctor Who Experience! I'm very excited, I saw a glimpse of what is to come within the props section of the DW Convention, but this looks like its on a brand new scale! Of course I'm dragging the bf to some location stops on the way down Wales, can't wait :) Find out more about the Doctor Who Experience HERE 

Here's a few pics of my visit to Cardiff, the sun came out once again over the bay :) -

This is the toy part of the department store House of Fraser, where the episode with James Corden, Closing Time was filmed for Series 6.
Eddies Diner for din dins again
The Bay in the sun :)
So, what else has happened in my life? Well, I now have Alfie, the newest member of the family, my little kitten. He's a bit of a handful but I love him all the same! I wanted to call him something Doctor Who related but the family wouldn't agree. (Although Alfie IS the name of James Cordens characters son in Closing Time) hehehe
I've also been away on holiday with my boyfriend for 2 weeks to Rhodes, it was the best holiday I've ever had, I never wanted to come home. Of course, I loaded my Ipod up with Doctor Who episodes for the flight, and I'm so glad I did because there was no in-flight entertainment. DW ensured the 4 hours fly by (literally)!!
I also bought these little beauties, which mixed with alcohol makes for an interesting game, which could go on for a loooooong time :) Generally the best cards are The Doctor, Amy, Rory and the Tardis, and you can kind of see it gets repetitive after a while of playing. 
Before I forget, what a pleasant surprise when my boyfriend realised that our hotel included a Doctor Who pinball machine! Yes, you heard correct! A DOCTOR-WHO-PINBALL-MACHINE! It was amazing, and for 1 Euro a game, you can't go wrong! Needless to say, I beat the boyfriend ;)
Here's a few snaps of my holiday, if you're interested take a peek :) -

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