Sunday, 7 December 2014

Locations from Missy's Heaven, The Girl Who Waited and BBC Sherlock S2

Hi All,

Doctor Who Series 8 is over now, and we are just eagerly awaiting the Christmas special. And how good does it look?! If you saw Children in Need a few Fridays ago you will know what I am talking about. The clip they showed has got me very excited for christmas! I can't believe that when it is broadcast, it will be a whole year since Peter Capaldi made his first proper appearance as the Doctor.

Anyway, I am here to blog to you about my recent return to South Wales. I decided to head down there for my 24th birthday, and booked a lodge in Swansea with the boyfriend. It was the third time we have stayed in these lodges, as we find they are in the perfect location to get too and from anywhere in the area. Plus, each lodge has a hot tub! We got there on the Friday night which was my birthday, so I spent the majority of the night opening presents, eating my weight in food, drinking white wine and relaxing in the hot tub whilst watching Stand up to Cancer. 

The next morning I had a long, overdue lie-in and Luke rustled up a cooked breakfast - who knew he could cook?! We both got ready and headed out towards our first location. I had a whole list of places I wanted to go to, but Luke was moaning that the majority of them were in Cardiff, and he wasn't prepared to drive that far, which is fair enough I suppose. (Although we ended up just outside the city centre at our first location). 

Dyffryn House was the first place on my wishlist. We had been here before, but the house was closed to the public as renovation work was taking place. Luckily, the house and grounds were open during this visit, so we headed in. Prices are £7.40 for an adult and £3.70 for a child. Dyffryn House is very grand, with huge stained glass windows, but due to the renovation work parts of the manor are unfinished, so we spent most of our time in the gardens and grounds, which were beautiful. This is where a lot of the filming for Doctor Who has taken place, as illustrated below. Please note that this location has also been used in both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, which I am still yet to view in full. 

I was keen to find the small garden which featured notably in Series 6 'The Girl Who Waited' and Series 8 as Missy's heaven in 'Deep Breath'. However, the gardens are packed together and very maze-like, a beautiful maze at that. We followed the map which led us down a pathway to some steps and entered the pretty little garden.

 It was deserted, I felt as if I had just walked into my television the moment Amy Pond enters the garden of Apalapucia only to be stalked by the hand-bots. Although the gardens were all beautiful, this little courtyard in particular felt like it was on a different planet to the others, tucked away and hidden from sight unless you were lucky enough to stumble across it. We took plenty of photos, and Luke even made me skip around the fountain mimicking Missy in Series 8 episode 1 (albeit the wrong way!!). The only thing to add here was that the production team would have added a lot more to the garden to make it more heavenly. For example, during the episode, the fountain is in pristine condition with water flowing, surrounded by flowers in bloom. Whereas, we visited this location in late Autumn, so not only was the fountain filled with dirty rainwater, but the gardens were damp and muddy, plus the flowers were wilted or nowhere in sight. However, considering all this, the location was still wonderfully special; I could've sat watching the world go by all day. I can definitely see why people choose this place as a wedding venue, there is something very special about it. 

Shots from "Deep Breath"...

 Shots from "The Girl Who Waited"...

And the shot taken from the back of Dyffryn House for "The Girl Who Waited"...

Shot taken from Series 2 "The Girl in the Fireplace"...

And a shot taken from Series 4 "Forest of the Dead"...

So it was on to our second location for the day, and this time it was a Sherlock filming spot, seen in Series 2 Episode 2 'The Hounds of Baskerville'. Named The Cross Keys in the episode, otherwise known as the Bush Inn pub, is located in the quiet little village of St Hilary, just outside Cardiff. Due to it being a busy weekend, we decided against going into the pub as it sounded very busy, plus I was adamant I wanted to visit the next location before sunset. It was a cosy, picturesque pub in an idyllic quiet little village, no wonder they chose it for the series. I definitely recommend heading there if you are in the area. We took a few photographs before we left, seen below. I will have to visit this pub again for some inside shots when I have chance to grab a drink there as well, next time I head down to Cardiff. I was very irritated that I hadn't watched the episode recently, before heading here. If I had have done, I would have known that the church next to the pub was also used in the episode, when Sherlock and Watson walk from the entrance, down the courtyard and into the pub. If I had known this, I would've taken more photographs to match this entire scene - there's always next time!

So, the final location for our Saturday down in South Wales was my favourite of all time, the fantastically beautiful Dunraven beach/Bad Wolf Beach/Dårlig Ulv Stranden. I know, I know, I've already blogged about this place hundreds of times before, but the fact is, I love it here. I love just sitting on the rocks and chilling out. Its so peaceful and wonderful and probably one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. If I could visit everyday I would, and I wouldn't get bored. Next time I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to take an ipad and blog whilst I'm there, I may actually be able to get a post out when I said I would! The only difference this time is me and Luke had a wonder up the hill next to the bay to have another view of the beach, and wasn't it just wonderful. We managed to get here just at the right time, the sun was setting which made for fab pictures. However, we nearly got washed away by the tide which was a teeny bit scary, as I went wondering off not realising the tide was coming in very quickly so I had to make a run for it back over the rocks - never has my adrenaline been so high before - what a rush! So yes, as I have reiterated in the past: wear suitable footwear as the rocks are very slippery, if you are not great on your feet or have little mobility I would not suggest going too far on the beach as it is just as difficult to get back to even land! 

You can find more information and more detailed accounts of my previous trips to the bay during my older blog-posts HERE and HERE.

So, apart from dipping in and out of the hot tub for the rest of the night, enjoying a lovely chinese takeaway, and getting rid of a mouse that had managed to get into our lodge (yes, really!...sqeeeeee!!) that was it for our first day at the lodge. More to come on my post to follow, which will include locations from a popular Series 7 Doctor Who episode.

Blog to you very soon