Thursday, 31 January 2013

Got the (Tardis) Blues...

Hi everyone, I'm currently snowed under with a Doctor Who Dissertation Project... wait a minute... a DOCTOR WHO dissertation project?!

That's right, I've gone completely stark crazy. I'm jeopardising my love for Doctor Who for a blimmin' University project.

You see, life with my Doctor Who dissertation is like this...

...Whereas my old life, was like this... 

 So I'm currently about to start the literature review for my project (Eeekk!). And have re-watched hours of the Science Fiction drama to analyse a few of the characters I have chosen to focus on... along with the writers, producers, directors... etc. I think its pretty fitting to be investigating into Doctor Who during its 50th year anniversary, and lets face it, would I rather be studying anything else?!

 Please feel free to comment with any motivational words of wisdom and who knows, you may even make it into my acknowledgement page ;-)

 I'm on the final stretch of University life now, with just over 3 months left in lectures until I delve into the big bad world! I'm currently juggling my Dissertation with all of my huge pile of planned assignments, plus I am also trying to find time to write out applications for work experience placements in the media sector. 

 I'm also thinking of volunteering at my local animal shelter in the near future - probably after University as it will be a big commitment - and was wondering whether any of you had any experience of this or anything similar and could pass over some friendly thoughts or advice? 

 I'm off out and about over the coming weeks, starting with watching some of the live Britain's Got Talent Auditions next week, a weekend in Wales (where I'll hopefully do some location hunting), and I have lots of pre-paid concerts and gigs lined up over the coming months! 

Please don't hesitate to use any of the methods on the contact me page to get in touch and share your views.

 Don't forget - Doctor Who is back on our screens on Saturday 30th March - BBC One. 

Thanks for reading, blog to you soon :-)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Jenna Louise Coleman to attend Convention

Jenna Louise Coleman
Image: BBC

I've only attended two conventions before. The first was Memorabilia Birmingham back in November 2011, where I met Arthur Darvill -Blog Post Here- and the Doctor Who Convention, Cardiff in March 2012 -Blog Post Here- . Both had a brilliant atmosphere and were a fantastic day out - From here, I vowed to attend many more cons.

So when I saw through Twitter that Jenna Louise Coleman, the Doctors new companion, was due to attend Collectormania 19 in Milton Keynes, I snapped up some photo opportunity tickets straight away! It is her first and only announced convention this year currently!

You too can buy your photo session tickets with Jenna from HERE -
 limited availability - be quick!

To find out information on the event, view the latest news or to see which other guests are attending, head over to the Collectormania website HERE

The event is from Saturday 25th May - Monday 27th May 2013 at the Milton Keynes Dons Stadium.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and especially enjoyed the Doctor Who Christmas special 'The Snowmen'. 

How good was Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara?! And as always, a superb performance from Matt Smith, in my opinion. The chemistry on screen between the Doctor and his new companion is phenomenal. I just can't wait for Series 7 Part 2 to begin! 

So we are all sad that Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, but at least we can start looking forward to the year ahead, and at what 2013 has to offer...

Had someone been peaking at my Christmas list...?
My Santa-Cat, Alfie
Did Santa bring you any cool Doctor Who related goodies down the chimney?? 

I received these amazing "Police Box" gloves, which my partners auntie knitted for me, they are awesome, I think you may agree - I just had to share :-) I also gave in and purchased the Tardis style dressing gown for my partner, he had been hinting at it for months!

My partner also purchased some Doctor Who pyjamas for me off the website etsy. They were created and shipped from America, so although he ordered a few weeks before Christmas, the seller was slightly late posting the item out so I was a few days late receiving them! It was worth the wait though, they are a perfect fit and are very comfortable :-) I am ensure of the exact seller my partner used, but I have found a seller who designs the same trousers - HERE
I have a few posts lined up which I have been thinking about over the festive period. Hopefully I can get these up over the next few weeks and I also have lots of trips planned over the coming months which I can't wait to share :-) 

Many Thanks for your continued support over 2012, all the comments/views/follows on here and my PluckyKelly Twitter are really appreciated. I love discussing my love for all things Doctor Who, and, well just about everything with you guys. Feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on twitter.
Here's to a successful 2013!

Thank you for reading