Monday, 3 November 2014

Pluckys' Face of Book

This is just a little post to tell you guys that I have set up a Facebook page for this blog, only as a trial run, just to see how it goes.

I have recently created a Facebook and Twitter account for the service I work for in the NHS, which has resulted in me really getting the 'blogging bug' back with a bang.

 I want to ensure all my Plucky Kelly posts are shared on these social networking platforms, so that you guys don't miss a thing. After all, I love writing my blog posts, its just finding the time to do so! Its just a plus that I have found all you lovely lot who take the time and effort to read my ramblings. 

You can find me now at Plucky Kelly Facebook Page as well as @pluckykelly , please feel free to 'like' and 'share' anything you fancy, and I will update you all on my whereabouts and adventures when I can! :-)


In other news, I hope you all had a fab Halloween! Did you dress up as anything cool? Anything Doctor Who related? I chose Cleopatra... River Songs alter-ego... 

Plucky-Patra coming at ya!
(sorry, I couldn't help myself, I wish I could dress as Cleopatra all day every day!)

What do you think..?

I was so proud of buying my outfit from scratch, with a dress from ebay, Jewellery from Primark and wig from Smiffys Fancy Dress Online. I even did my own make-up (and it actually didn't take that long! I used Elizabeth Taylor as my Cleo inspiration, with a bit of River Song and Katy Perry added in to the mix! Luke is the Power Ranger, as he 'always wanted to be one as a child' so he went ahead and purchased a morphsuit ahead of the party. We had a lovely night, its the first time I've been out for halloween in about 10 years!

I hope you are all okay! I am currently drafting a blog post from my South Wales trip which should be up and live shortly. 

What did you all think of Doctor Who 'Dark Water' last Saturday? One word - EPIC. And the revelation of Missy = fab. I can't wait for 'Death in Heaven' next weekend, but unfortunately I can't watch it as it is broadcast as I am out for a meal for my mum's birthday... no spoilers, please!

In the meantime, I'm up and running on Twitter and Facebook, so keep in touch guys! Plus my Blog hit a milestone of 30,000 views last week - and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings, you are all brilliant!

Blog to you soon