Monday, 7 May 2012

Avengers Assemble Nail Art and Design

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t blogged in weeks, but I have been buried in University work! All done now though and my second year is complete :)

 But, enough about the boring stuff. How about something a bit different for this blog? Well, being a self-confessed geek for all things Doctor Who/Sherlock etc I have always loved a bit of Marvel on the side. *Geek Glasses on* whether it was Toby Maguire in the Spiderman films, fantastic 4 or the X-men movies, I loved them all! However, my favourites are by far Ironman 1 and 2. So, in order to get in the spirit of things, I decided to paint my nails, inspired by Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man. 

So, here is how I did my Iron Man nails. I used Ted Baker collection in Red as the bottom coating, matching Iron Man’s trademark colour.

I then used Barry M Nail Effects in Gold Foil for half of each nail in a diagonal stroke and added Rio Professional Nail Art in silver and black for Iron Man’s chest piece. It was a bit fiddly, and I definitely need more practice but I thought it was a good, quick quirky idea. 

  Anyway, last week, Avengers Assemble came out in cinemas across the UK, and oh my goodness, didn't it deliver!

I went on its opening weekend and in my opinion it was absolutely fantastic! I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I think Robert Downey Jr was as awesome as ever portraying Iron Man, but for me, Tom Hiddleston who played Loki (Thors brother) stole the show! I’ve only ever seen him in Thor prior to this, and I think he makes one of the most convincing villains I have ever set eyes on. I definitely want to try some Loki nail art soon, just to spread the love! Here's a lovely picture of him, played by Tom Hiddleston, Yum! (Source: Marvel)
Anyway, I had a bit of a play around last night after finally taking off my Iron Man nails and this is what I ended up with: 
I used:
Rio Professional Nail Art in White, Black and Red
Barry M Nail Effects in Gold Foil
Barry M in Cobalt Blue

My thumb nail was inspired by Captain America: The First Avenger and his shield. My middle finger and small finger were inspired by Iron Man, once again and the remaining two were just random diagonals using the already opened polishes. This photo was taken in daylight by my Blackberry so I am sorry if it is slightly blurry.

I definitely recommend the Avengers, here is the trailer from the movie, enjoy! (By Marvel UK) :- 

So its back to watching Doctor Who now that I've finished University, got bits and bobs planned to blog to you about soon :) 

Thanks for reading