Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bad Wolf Bay (Revisited)

Hi Guys - First things first, I've recently added two tabs just above this page, so my blog now looks more like a blog and not a mass of information dotted all around the place randomly. It should make your navigation of this page a lot simpler. 

The first tab includes all of my contact information, so if you need to contact me for any reason do not hesitate to send me an email or tweet me on Twitter (@PluckyKelly). The second tab contains a list of 'New Who' episodes from 2005-2012, linking you to any of my blog posts which contain locations I have visited which are included in these episodes. I aim to visit as many as possible over the coming weeks... months... maybe even years so bear with me as the list of links will continue to grow.

After the excitement my South Wales Odyssey Part 1 caused and the brilliant feedback I received from the blog post, and my blog as a whole I just couldn't wait to post the rest of my trip. Unfortunately, I have little time on my hands of late. Being back at University and in my third and final years means dissertation GALORE... I've been trying to fit everything around it but it just seems to be taking over my life! But Thank You for the feedback its been great! I've also changed my Dissertation topic, I'm now writing it on Doctor Who, of course! Hooray!

Bad Wolf Bay

Anyway, Part 2 of my trip sees me and my brilliant chauffeuring partner head back to Dunraven Bay, also known as the infamous Bad Wolf Bay. You can read about my first trip to the beach HERE.

I desperately wanted to go back to the bay, not only because of its beauty, but because since we last visited the Doctor Who crew have been back to shoot for the Series 7 Part 1 episode 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship'. 
It was a stunningly nice day mid-October that we chose to visit, and I planned the journey so that we arrived when the tide was out (around 3pm). We also parked down the bottom this time, right next to the beach so I did not have to endure the horrendous walk back up to the car like our last visit. Luckily for us, the beach carpark was overcrowded so we were able to park for free further up the road. 

I will warn you that dogs are allowed on this beach, and there were a fair few of them running around, so those with small children please be aware. I should also warn you that the beach is very hard to walk around. It is a pebble beach with huge rocks, stones and only a small allocated pathway down to the sea. I saw endless mums with prams that were finding it extremely difficult and virtually impossible to navigate around the beach. 

However, I found trying to make my way to the sea great fun, as I tried to navigate my way over rocks and stones for better views (I could tell I was probably getting tutted at by all the other holiday makers!) I finally found my way to the sand and stood still for a moment, reminiscing when Rose said goodbye to the Doctor...twice - both were two of my favourite Doctor Who moments. (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday/Journeys End)

My chauffeur *Ahem*... I mean Luke took a seat on one of the rocks for a bit so I decided to wonder off. I was heading for the cliff-face itself, where the iconic scenes from 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and 'The Time of the Angels'/'Flesh and Stone' have been set. Once reaching the edge of the rocks I climbed up onto the platform-type level and sat for a while, pondering life and admiring the bays beauty. The sun was beaming in the sky and I took some stunning images from my spot. 

I honestly did not want to leave this spot, but after a while I saw Luke walking to usher me back to the car... and I suppose I was hungry, I hadn't eaten after all my adventuring during the day! I reluctantly headed back to the car, vowing that I would return to this beautiful location once again in the near future. 

 So that's it for Part 2 of my trip, sorry to tease you! Only one more post left and that's my South Wales break completed. Part 3 will contain the spot where we said our last farewell to the Pond's. *Warning* May be pretty devastating for criers. 

Enjoy, blog to you soon!