Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Memorabilia Birmingham November 2011

So, recapping last November, my University course was getting much more difficult, my first and only pet cat had past away of 15 years and I had just endured a car accident. However, to brighten up my days I found out Arthur Darvill (a.k.a Rory Williams in Doctor Who) was going to be at the Memorabilia event in Birmingham near the end of the month.

I JUST HAD TO GO!! I had never been to an event like this before and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the list of guests looked good, the price was reasonable and my partner and brother were interested in the sports personalities attending.

You can find about Memorabilia events HERE ... my dads made me promise I'll take him next time! 

We saw a few Doctor Who characters – notably Catrin Stewart who played Jenny in Series 6 part 1 finale ‘Good Man Goes to War’ and Emma in of one of my new favourite programmes ‘Stella’ with Ruth Jones. Regrettably, we didn’t pay for her autograph but saw her from afar.


We then realised Arthur Darvill had arrived so jumped in the queue to meet him. I had never met anyone from a programme I absolutely adore before so I was pretty nervous. I paid £20 for my chosen photograph and moved on along the line to meet him. I have to say he seemed like such a nice, down to earth person. I asked him how he was and how his day was going and he answered very positively and upbeat. My partner took some sneaky photos from the sidelines (I didn’t realise this was not allowed until after – which I personally think is a bit ridiculous when you pay so much for the autograph itself, but it’s not the actors fault, just security these days gone mad!) I have to add here that I wait behind gigs all the time for my favourite bands and they happily sign tickets, take pictures and spend time chatting to you without security thrusting you out of the way, and all this for free, so I really don’t see the problem, although I do realise there is sometimes high demand! 

But yes, Arthur was a lovely person, and it was such a pleasure to finally meet him. I have treasured my signed photo ever since, and I am willing to add to it with other signed photos in the future ;)

 I also purchased a Matt Smith stetson mug I have had my eye on online for ages! You can get yours from

And a random Dalek speeding past on our way out…

 Thanks for reading