Saturday, 25 May 2013

Jenna Louise Coleman at Collectormania 19

 I ordered my Jenna Louise Coleman photo tickets the day they went out on sale around Christmas time, and had been counting down the days ever since. In my opinion, she completely stole the show in Doctor Who Series 7 Asylum of the Daleks with her unannounced, unexpected appearance. From here, we didn't see her until the much anticipated Christmas 2012 episode, where she once again proved her likeability as a companion, and her ability to warm to the most passionate, long serving fans. The mystery surrounding her character was eventually solved in the Series 7 finale, but I won't spoil the surprise just in-case you haven't got round to watching it yet!

 I decided to attend Collectormania 19 in Milton Keynes purely based on the announcement of Jenna as the Saturday headlining guest. I travelled down with my boyfriend, and after many a traffic jam arrived safely on the Friday evening. From here, we headed to bed for an early night as we set our alarms for bright and early the next morning. Up at 6.30am on the Saturday and finally leaving our hotel at around 8am, we arrived at the stadium 5-10mins later. Jenna's queue for autographs was already huge, and it was a long wait in the chilly weather until the doors opened at 9. Once in, we received our virtual queue ticket and were told to come back to meet Jenna later because of our huge queue number. 

 Me and Luke walked around the stadium a few times, taking in the sights, people, and merchandise available. Finally we were able to join Jenna's queue, pick a photo to get signed and paid £35 for the autograph. Jenna was lovely, and when I finally reached the front of the queue, she looked up and asked how I was, to which I replied that I was good, and repeated the same question back to her. I then asked how her first convention was going. She hesitated here, seemingly nervous and replied how she wasn't expecting so many people to arrive dressed up as her. I sympathised, stating how it was one of my first conventions and how I was still getting used to the whole process. (This would have been awkward if I had Clara cosplayed). She then told me to take care and I thanked her for her time. I really wasn't expecting a mini chat, and had not come prepared with anything to say so I was pleased with how I handled the whole situation, as I would usually shy away. Luke managed to take a few excellent pictures whilst we talked, which I am extremely thankful for, and I took some whilst I was in the queue. See below:
 Next, it was off to the photo shoot. We didn't have to wait long and when we arrived at the room we were able to go in with the first group because our ticket number was within the first 200. Jenna looked tiny stood up in front of the camera, and understandably nervous as there were crowds of people either side of her waiting for a photo. When it was my turn she moved across the room slightly so the camera could produce a better angle, much to my amusement as we sideways stepped along the floor together in a pose. I am really happy with the finished photo, I had been worried about it for weeks! It was £30 after all, so I wanted it to be near perfect! Dad paid me a huge compliment when I returned home by stating that me and Jenna could be sisters - I wish
 Overall, although I left around midday, I was very pleased how the morning panned out. We had no long gaps of waiting around, and our time there moved pretty swiftly. I am pleased the event was free to get in, plus free parking - especially when the prices of guests are taken into consideration!! I would definitely go again, as long as the guest list was good. Well done everyone from the team who ensured everything ran nice and smoothly! More information on this event can be found out here:

 I am off on holiday over the next few days. I still have a post to write about my recent Doctor Who location visit. If I don't get round to posting it within the next day or so, I will upload it when I return from my travels.

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