Wednesday, 15 May 2013

'Fathers Day' Locations - The Long-Awaited Third Instalment

 Long time no post! It's been two long months full of assignments, presentations and dissertation work since I last wrote, but I'm finally back, after finally completing my University course :-) Now all that's left is to await my results, which happen to coincide with the day I start my work placement... uh-oh! Anyway, hope you're all enjoying Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 so far... I really can't wait until Saturdays finale 'The Name of the Doctor', where we will finally discover the identity of Clara. 
 It would be relevant to add that since I last wrote, I, like many others, tried vigorously for hours on Saturday morning to apply for the Doctor Who Proms tickets at the Royal Albert Hall. I had two laptops up and running and a phone permanently set to redial. Unfortunately, like my peers, the site crashed and telephone lines were a no-go as they remained engaged, which led to lots of fans missing out on the last few tickets with only minutes to spare. I am incredibly disappointed as I am extremely passionate about the music of Doctor Who. I have all the soundtrack CD's and whenever I listen to them, they transport me away into my own little world. I suppose I should add that if anyone becomes aware of a pair of tickets which are released following this post, please do not hesitate to let me know as I am desperate to get my hands on some! 

 Anyway, back to the subject of this post, I am following on from the trip to Cardiff I made back in February. This is the third and final instalment to my visit and includes the location of the church used in the Series one Doctor Who episode and adventure by the Ninth Doctor, Father's Day.

 After a brief stop at my favourite restaurant Frankie and Benny's (YUM! - my mouth is watering from just thinking about it!), it was on to the days location. Eventually, we found our way to The Parish of St Paul's in Grangetown, Cardiff after navigating around one-way streets which can feel pretty tedious at times. (And also very embarrassing when you realise you need to reverse back down a huge stretch of narrow road to allow for an oncoming car!) 
More information on the area can be found here:-
Bride chased by deadly Reaper
Source: BBC Doctor Who 
 There is parking located in the streets surrounding the church, and it's pretty hard to miss as it towers above the small terraced houses. We didn't actually go inside as the gates were locked, but we took some photos of the outside areas, including the road directly outside the church which is used as the spot where Pete Tyler faces his final moments as he runs in front of the oncoming vehicle. 

If you were to walk from out of the front church doors, the location where Pete is killed and the TARDIS is parked is located to the left, where the corner of road bends around the edge of the church grounds, just outside the row of shops. The area looks almost completely the same as it did back in 2005 when the episode was shot, so it is definitely worth popping along to see the location. It's about a 5 minute drive from Cardiff Bay and completely free if you are able to park in the street like myself. Definitely recommended for location hunters!
 I personally really wanted to visit this location as it's the first Doctor Who episode me and mum physically sat down and watched together. We both shed a tear with what we had viewed on-screen, as it told the emotional story of how Rose Tyler witnesses the last moments of her Father's life back in 1987, but in doing so, prevents this event from ever happening. This results in the unleashing of deadly reapers who destroy everything in their wake, as history begins to change dramatically around them. This all predominately occurs during a wedding of which the Tyler family are all in attendance. The only way balance can be restored is in the form of Pete Tyler facing his inevitable end. 
More information on the episode can be found here:-'s_Day_(TV_story)
 This episode also reveals a vital moment which occurred during Rose Tyler's life before The Doctor, which helps to construct her background story, which is then built upon in the series to follow. 

 Sorry this post has been a long-time coming! I hope you're all enjoying this lovely (not-so) summer weather! It's been terrible here, but no fear as I am off on my summer holidays in the coming weeks! I can't wait, it's a much deserved break until I am thrown into the big bad world when I return after finishing university. I have lots planned, and I will be sure to keep you up to date as I am very excited. Oh, but before all of that of course, I am off to the Collectormania event next week to meet Jenna Louise Coleman. Let me know if you're going to, and I shall report back on how my day went soon after :-)

Many thanks for reading, blog to you soon :-)