Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Clara Oswald: Get The 'Hide' Look

You are the only mystery worth solving...

Forget the 'London Look', I wanted to share with you guys my not-so-great attempt at a Doctor Who cosplay I put together when I visited Wales Comic Con at the end of last year. During Jenna Colemans first series on Doctor Who, I managed to gather quite a lot of dresses from her Clara Oswald wardrobe, for the simple reason that they were gorgeous outfits and suited by taste in fashion.

My favourite dress is from Series 7 episode “Hide”. This is the Pins And Needles vintage style ditsy tea dress from Urban Outfitters back in 2012, I just had to get it after seeing Jenna in costume filming the new series. Unfortunately this dress is no longer available in stores, but I have seen it on eBay numerous times from different sellers, so keep your eye out on there. 

My blazer was from, but these days you can find something very similar from your local Primark. Clara’s original blazer was from Urban Outfitters, and so was her red bag. Unfortunately, the red bag was all I was missing… and crucial to the whole ‘look’ if I do say so myself! My earrings are the BBC sonic screwdriver earrings, priced at £17.99. 

For the shoes, I purchased a cheap pair of black wedges from New Look which had the same ‘look’ about them. I have just spotted this pair on the site now which are very similar and are available in sizes 4-8...

This outfit can be worn almost anywhere. So far I've worn it on holiday, shopping, at a christening and on a night out. Its simple, dressy, classy and smart... all in one! You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with a pair of converse, its completely up to you!

Keep your eye on some of the best sites for Clara Oswald Cosplay such as Doctor Who Cosplay Finder and The Fashion of Doctor Who , which feature outfits from the actors on and off screen. If you know of any other good sites, please let me know!

All the outfit deets you need below... and remember to send me any of your 'Hide' cosplays, I'd love to see them!

To you, I'm a ghost, we're all ghosts to you...

I really loved this series 7 episode, although it did scare me quite a bit! Even more so as it was the episode that was put on during my visit on the official TARDIS TOUR back in 2013. Here's a reminder of what happened during the episode...

I did visit the mansion which doubles as Caliburn House in Hide last October, complete with Clara dress... have a browse at some of the photos below, or click here to view my full blogpost from the location.

See my Clara Oswald: Get the look for another look into my collection of Clara dresses - I have so many - but not enough chances to wear them! 

I hope all my lovely readers are all o-k... more posts to come soon! 

On a side note... You may have seen on my Twitter account that I have had some very bad news recently. My dad has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. In order to raise awareness, myself and Luke are going to be running the Cardiff Bay 5 mile run on the 4th May 2015. I am currently training for this event, as I have only ever ran 5km (3.1miles) before... and even that was a struggle!! However, we want to raise as much awareness for Prostate Cancer as we possibly can, and donate some money in the process. If you would like to support us, and/or find out more about my story, please head to my Just Giving Page - ... every little counts...we are hoping to raise £400 for this charity, which helps men of all ages fight this cancer. HUGE THANK YOU X

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