Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!

I know, I'm a few days late, but...


What a couple of days! I attended the Doctor Who Celebration in London last Friday (post to come soon!) and it was fantastic, I can't wait to share my day and photos with you all. But for now lets focus on The Day of the Doctor.... and what a day it was. Saturday 23rd November marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and with the episode simultaneously broadcast in over 90 countries, it was a great cause to celebrate!

Me and my partner had been given a bottle of Cava (sparkling wine) for Christmas 2012, but we had been adamant on saving it for a special occasion; Saturday was definitely the perfect opportunity! We also spent the afternoon baking cakes, using the recipe found here:- We made around 18 with this recipe - (A big, round healthy number, big enough to sneakily slip a few leftovers into your works lunchbox come Monday). 
 Earlier on Saturday, we ventured into our nearest Lakeland store to pick up some Doctor Who themed goodies. Back in July, I had previously purchased some bunting from the store, but couldn't help but notice how cool all the other Doctor Who items were on the shelf, so we thought we would get some decorations for our tasty cupcakes. I even bumped into a 2D cyberman (couldn't resist a photo!) 
 The episode drew nearer, and once Matt Smith had found his way downstairs, we sipped our wine and stuffed our faces with cakes, read to witness the phenomenon that was The Day of the Doctor. 

 Lakelands provided these amazing decorations for our cupcakes! They are characters made out of card, taped onto cocktail sticks, so you can use them to decorate almost anything. Plus, if you are careful, they can be reused to top off your next fab creation. You can browse and buy your own Doctor Who goodies, here:- . The cupcake toolkit we used was £9.99 for a pack, and presented in a small cardboard Tardis. Inside were 24 cocktail stick decorations, and 24 cupcake cases, which have memorable Doctor Who quotes etched on their sides. You can also buy the garland featured in the background of my photos, priced at £6.99, here:-

Fancy a cupcake, sweetie...?
 Now here come the apologies. Sorry I have been away from my blog for so long. I have recently started a new full time job, and hardly have enough time to fit in socialising, let alone blog posting. I will try to blog as much as possible, and hopefully I will start to visit some more Doctor Who related places, now I can fund my journeys with a steady working wage! 

I will blog to you again soon, sharing the fantastic time I had at the London Excel last Friday during the Doctor Who Celebration. I am still on a high now from all the excitement, and I have lots of photos to upload! I hope you are all keeping well :-)

Thanks for reading...