Saturday, 29 October 2016

TARDIS Set Tour and Props! (Video and Pics)

Turns out, a journey on the official TARDIS set tour is not always a once in a lifetime opportunity, as just before Christmas last year, I managed to secure on a pair of tickets for myself and Luke. This was my second visit to the infamous set but my first time since Peter has been at the helm. You can read about my first visit to the Tardis set back in 2013 here.

We reached Cardiff in good time (I had taken my new car for a good old spin) and had time to get some lunch at a local favourite: Eddie's Diner. It was the second or third time we have eaten in here, and it never fails to disappoint! I would recommend it to anyone, whether a Doctor Who fan or not - 50's America is definitely where its at!

We were told to head into the Doctor Who Experience first, which we had been to a couple of times before, you can read about our most recent visit since the Experience regenerated here. There had been a couple of extra props added to the prop rooms since our last visit from series 8 - its always great to see whats new and its always brilliant that the area is updated to reflect the most recent series. It just proves that no matter how often you visit over the years, there's always going to be something new that you haven't spotted before.

This year, Luke went armed with his selfie stick and we managed to take a couple of great pictures with the both of us in. (Top Tip: Like I have mentioned in previous posts, its always best to head straight up the stairs when you first enter the prop area, as downstairs fills up quickly and its difficult to get the perfect shots without other visitors photobombing!)

Anyway, on to the main event. We met our allocated group in the foyer of the Experience, handed our official tour lanyards and headed over to the BBC Roath Lock Studios. However, rather than going through the side entrance which consisted of a Jurassic Park style gate I have mentioned previously, we were directed straight through the main entrance, through the turnstiles and down the corridors to the studio. I couldn't help but imagine how many awesome actors/actresses had walked this same way before!

So off we went through the huge studio doors where the shell of the TARDIS was located to the left and a couple of props straight ahead where we were then split into two groups. Our group was instructed to stay in the prop area first where we were told all about the props around us, which consisted of items from Series 9's 'Face The Raven' - Clara's Mural version of the TARDIS, her costume from the episode and the raven's cage. The tour guide was great and took lots of awesome pictures of us so that we could get the perfect shot. There was also a Dalek he wheeled into the studio and he spent a couple of minutes explaining how an actor controls its movement from the inside. It must be so claustrophobic!

After a while, we moved on in small groups to the main event; the TARDIS set. Of course, I filmed our steps into the TARDIS again and made sure I was first in for the best angle. Walking into the TARDIS never tires, its got to be the best experience for a Doctor Who fan. We had a bit longer this time around to take the perfect shots. Again, half of the set was fenced off but it really doesn't spoil the illusion of the TARDIS.

Here's the video I took on the day as I walked into the TARDIS, and the photos to follow:-

Peter's Doctor is infamous for using his chalkboard often in episodes, and we noticed the board had been left out, still emblazoned with the words 'Run You Clever Boy and Be A Doctor' from Series 9 episode Hell bent.

I'll say it before and I'll say it again, if you haven't been on the Doctor Who Set tour before you literally HAVE to go if you get the chance. They run every couple of years when filming is on a break - I usually find out about the latest dates through subscribing to updates from the Doctor Who Experience/BBC Worldwide - its totally worth it!

I'm off on a mini-break to Wales this week. Who knows what new and exciting Doctor Who locations I may stumble upon...?!

In other news I have finally hit my weight goal (lost 1 and a half stone) and I have something exciting to share... me and Luke have just bought our first house! Our mortgage offer has been accepted and we are just in the process of searches etc so we are hoping everything goes okay and will hopefully be moving in before Christmas :-) Exciting times ahead! Apart from that I am working my butt off at work and looking forward to this week in Wales!