Thursday, 1 August 2013

Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studios

 As a 22 year old, Harry Potter was a franchise I grew up alongside. I had never been a huge fan, but like others, I always made sure I went along to the cinema to check out the latest instalment onscreen, and in my earlier years I even managed to read the first four books, until the Lord of the Rings trilogy distracted my attention momentarily. 

 I decided to purchase two gift tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour down in Leavesden, Watford for my partners birthday, as he had always been a big fan and I thought he deserved something special after trawling around after me during my many Doctor Who related escapades. Gift Tickets can be bought on the WB site here:- alongside normal tickets. The advantage of purchasing gift tickets is that the recipient can decide on a date and time which is suitable, and can redeem the entry tickets themselves. Luckily, buying gift tickets meant that we could work our Harry Potter visit around the weekend of the Doctor Who Proms, so that we only had to travel down south once, saving a lot of money. We stayed in Milton Keynes, which is about a 50 minute drive away from Watford, but the Warner Bros Studios do offer a shuttle bus service from Watford Junction station, if you decide to opt for train travel. Again, this can be found on the website:-

Cupboard under the stairs
 You have the opportunity to book a time slot when you book your tour online, we chose 5.30pm because of our long drive, but they do recommend you plan for a stay of three and half hours at the maximum during busy periods. 

Selection of costumes in The Great Hall
So, the studios... 'what were they like?' I hear you scream. Well, as you will see from the photos, we had a brilliant time. I was very impressed and would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone, whether you're a big fan of the films or not. Even on one of the hottest days of the year the studios were air conditioned and cool to walk around, there was even an outside part where you could soak up the sun whilst grabbing a butterbeer!

 Now lets see some more photo's. I will warn you, there is a fair few, although I have tried to select the best, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't scroll much further. 

^ Gryffindor Common Room ^
Luke enjoying a Butterbeer
^ The Weasley Household ^

^ Model of Hogwarts ^
 I definitely want to go again! The shop was amazing aswell, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything cheap and cheerful to buy, as its quite expensive! However, me and my partner just started posing with the different wands they have on display, which are available to buy, and come with their own wand box with a description of which character it belonged to. 

I hope you've all had a fantastic summer so far, I've got a few plans coming up which you will no doubt hear about, and I managed to get my hands on tickets for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary convention in London during November, plus a photo ticket with Matt Smith :-) Excited! I also need to blog about the Doctor Who Proms, which were brilliant! But first of all its off to Cardiff this weekend with the partner and two friends, can't wait :-D

Thank you for reading