Sunday, 12 January 2014

Get the Clara Oswald Look:- Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide

 I've always been a fan of the female companions and their wardrobe in Doctor Who, but it wasn't until Jenna Coleman stepped into the role that I found myself loving everything they threw together for her character, Clara Oswald. I now have quite a collection of Clara clothing items, and I hope to share each and every one of them with you very soon. 

The interesting thing is, away from Doctor Who itself, I love Jenna's own unique style, as I have been pairing dresses and heels together like hers for the past couple of years, so whenever I see her in a cute outfit, I am inspired to try out something similar with the clothes I already own. 

Understandably, anything worn by Jenna in her role as Clara in Doctor Who are much sought after, and after checking out many bids of her clothing items on eBay, its evident people are willing to go to quite an expense to create their very own Clara cosplay. 

Luckily for us fans, Clara's clothes are mostly hand-picked from popular high street stores in the UK, so if you're quick on the uptake, you may be able to grab them at retail price. 

Today's post focuses on the dress worn by Clara in Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide. Although the dress isn't featured onscreen for long, as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it. So the search began. 

Coolspotters is always my first port of call, where anyone can upload any items spotted on a celebrity and detail where the item can be purchased. I've also used this site in the past for the likes of Karen Gillan and Daisy Lowe. Now that more people know about the site, the list of Jenna items is becoming very popular and any outfit she's spotted in, whether in character or not, is uploaded to the site within a couple of hours. 

Another cool site is , which is kept up to date and details items which are not always featured on Coolspotters. They also provide information on how you can get the look for less, without breaking the bank.

This dress in particular was hard to find, but after tweeting my followers and asking whether they knew of its whereabouts, I was soon pointed in the right direction. 

Dress: Yumi Technicolour dress - House Of Fraser (online)
Was: £48.00 £33.60 NOW REDUCED: £24.00 - ACT QUICKLY! 
Can also be purchased from the Yumi Direct site 
Shoes: Mine - Forever 21 heels in nude from 2 years ago. Similar HERE
Belt: Any Black Skinny belt will do. I purchased mine from New Look last summer. Similar HERE
The Doctor Who Ultimate Guide was broadcast as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations last November on BBC Three. It took a look back of the last 50 years of Doctor Who, beginning and ending with a little screenplay by The Doctor and Clara. 

"a look at all 11 incarnations of the Doctor and their most famous scenes and storylines, an exploration of the many sides to the Doctor and asking what is he really like. Plus, a look at The Doctor's many travelling companions and adversaries over the years and how they all contribute to creating the longest running sci-fi show of all time"

My partner ever so kindly bought me this dress for Christmas, and I vowed to wear it for the first time on New Years Eve. After seeing Jenna wear her hair loose and wavy with the dress, I thought I would do the same. It's very rare that I curl my hair, but as it was a special occasion, I took the plunge. My hair hates being curled; I spent years trying to perfect a curled look. I cheat (slightly) and use my GHD straighteners, wrapping each section of hair around and gently unravel, resulting in loose, bouncy curls. 

The dress is short, so it will show off a bit of leg, but not uncomfortably so. It is elasticated around the waist, so it will stretch over the lumps and bumps (over-indulgence over the Christmas holidays, anyone?!) plus it is loosely fitted around the chest area. The dress has a zip to the front, and boasts short sleeves (which I think is a lot more flattering). This dress also looks great paired with a leather jacket for extra warmth during the long winter nights. 
 So there you have it, a little Clara cosplay, and my new favourite dress! I have so many more Clara items in my wardrobe, so I will definitely have to share them with you soon. To ask me any questions about the outfit, feel free to tweet me @pluckykelly

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! 

Blog to you soon