Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Doctor Who Does Caerphilly Castle

 After me and my partner had arrived in Cardiff ahead of the Doctor Who Experience back in July, we headed to Caerphilly to have a wonder around the castle and to spot some DW locations. We took a train from Cardiff Central which only cost a couple of pounds for a return as we both have student railcards.

 Once arriving in Caerphilly, if you are interested in heading to the castle, you take a right turn out of the train station and head straight down the High Street. The road bears right slightly, and to your left you will have a great sight of the castle.

 As it is officially the second biggest castle in Britain (after Windsor) there is a lot to explore both in and around the site. The heritage centre on arrival charge just a small fee to enter. An adult can expect to pay £4.00, but as a Student and a holder of a NUS card I paid a slightly discounted price of £3.60, and this is the same for children. A family ticket is priced around £11.60 altogether. More details on ticket prices, opening times and facilities, here: the centre is also home to a small sovenior shop – so it’s worth having a nose!

We entered the site and had a look around. You can explore virtually everywhere, and there are information boards located within some of the rooms displaying a lot of the castles history. I will warn you that even at 21 years of age I did find it difficult to go up and down some of the tower stairs as they were very slippery and there is only a small rail to help you on your way, so those less-confident on their feet may need extra assistance.

IMAGE: Doctor Who Confidential, BBC Three
 One of my favourite rooms was the Great Hall. Decorated with a long table and chairs along with medieval shields, the room really does look spectacular. The stained glass windows allow light to seep in elegantly and allow for some great pictures. I recognised whilst in the room that this was shown in Doctor Who Confidential as the cast and crews base when filming at the site.

  Whilst steering ourselves round the castle we spotted both the place where the Tardis lands and spots from the opening scenes in ‘The Rebel Flesh’/’The Almost People’, the long corridor from ‘Vampires of Venice’ (which I coincidentally ran down myself and into a big puddle, splashing muddy water up myself) and more spots used in Confidential. I have included some of the pictures below.
IMAGE: BBC - 'Vampires in Venice' and 'The Almost People'
IMAGE: BBC - 'The Rebel Flesh'
IMAGE: BBC - 'The Rebel Flesh'
 Many Thanks to the former BBC Three programme Doctor Who Confidential and the Doctor Who Locations website ( for a lot of information on the site and for providing images/footage of the castle itself.

All in all it was a brilliant way to start our Doctor Who break, the castle and its surroundings are stunning and I’m so glad the area has been left untouched to preserve its beauty. If you have any queries/questions at all about anything in this post, drop me a comment or contact me via email –

I hope you’re enjoying Series 7 as much as I am – seriously can’t wait until Saturday for Episode 2! The crew were spotted filming at Caerphilly a few months ago so I'm sure we will see the castle interior or exterior popping up again sometime this series! *spoilers*

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